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Let’s just say that two weeks ago the Minister of Economics Euclid Tsakalotos said in Parliament in response to a comment by the leader of the opposition Kyriakos Mitsotakis that it would be better to have a smaller primary surplus to the one negotiated that he would like to go for drinks with Scarlet Johansson too but that is as likely to happen as a smaller surplus.

(performed with a slight Swedish accent), I realized that I was having one of those vacation moments.

I was finally in a relationship with a guy who adored me, who shared my interests and passions, and who wasn't afraid to make a commitment.

Looking back at me was not a man who physically resembled my father, uncle or any of the other African American men who have been role models in my life.

A few weeks ago, as Marios and I lounged on the sandy beaches of his native Rhodes, a sobering study was released about the marriage patterns of black women with graduate degrees.

I looked over at my boyfriend and thought about how exciting and unexpected the last six months had been.I see him and treasure him for who he is, a person who treats me with mutual respect, I feel great about that.If this relationship does end I will use what I have learned to my advantage.In hindsight, I have wondered about my admittedly close-minded behavior.I have friends of other ethnic groups, male and female.

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