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It has threatened to cyber-attack Israel and engaged in the "#Op Israel" cyber-attacks of Israeli websites on Yom Ha Shoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) in 2013.Dozens of people have been arrested for involvement in Anonymous cyberattacks, in countries including the US, UK, Australia, the Netherlands, Spain, India and Turkey.This is an Internet-based, non-extremist, socialist community movement that looks for answers to questions that are unanswered.Gabriella Coleman writes of the group, "In some ways, it may be impossible to gauge the intent and motive of thousands of participants, many of who don't even bother to leave a trace of their thoughts, motivations, and reactions. There's a common phrase: 'we are doing it for the lulz.' Because Anonymous has no leadership, no action can be attributed to the membership as a whole. Self-destructing text messages are our spy tools of choice to fight off the governmental spies and a natural consequence of .

However this may not always be the case, as some of the collective prefer to instead cover their face without using the well-known mask as a disguise.

Usage of the term Anonymous in the sense of a shared identity began on imageboards, particularly the /b/ board of 4chan, dedicated to random content.

A tag of Anonymous is assigned to visitors who leave comments without identifying the originator of the posted content.

Whether you're looking to send holiday greetings, anonymous tips, secret admirer messages, or you're just concerned about your privacy, you've come to the right place. We've worked to create a sleek, yet easily accessible, anonymous text messaging interface that everyone can understand.

Because we feel that communications privacy is rare, yet, more important than ever.

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These are the best currently available apps for hiding text messages. Snapchat has its flaws, but it can (partially) prevent private images from appearing on revenge porn web sites.