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Dating insecure control freak

I always suggest consuming coconut oil or butter, because it is also very stimulating to the thyroid, a key player in hormone balance.1-2 tbs daily of coconut oil/butter is a great way to begin.

It is amazing how many of you out there are searching for explanations and answers.And the reason it has taken be so long to write it is because frankly it has taken me awhile to figure what in the world to do, because this most certainly has been a journey.Coming off the pill puts your body into a swing where you can experience a host of symptoms, some of which seem as though you are going backwards, but a ton that solidify that you are in fact making process.The reason I am giving you this list is because so many women will get off the pill, experience some negative side effects, get scared, and go back on.You have to realize, that after years of natural hormone production sedation, your body has to re-learn how to make and balance your hormones.

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