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England was alive with communal song: joining in with the performers in the halls; singing in the upper levels of the theatre ("The Gods") before a Gilbert and Sullivan performance; mass choral concerts at Victoria's Jubilee.Someone would have to look at the camps, and their very ephemeral literature, to see whether and how and when group singing preceded camps at the city YMCA and other community groups who, later, established the camps.Many spirituals appear simply to express joy or despair or the hope of salvation: "Balm in Gilead"; "Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel"; "Every Time I Feel the Spirit"; "I Got Shoes, You Got Shoes, All God's Children Got Shoes"; "He's Got the Whole World in His Hand"; "Nobody Knows the Trouble I Seen." Whatever these songs mean, they are a delight to sing around a fire at night among comrades.The number of them, still popular, is the best testimony to their value and place in tradition.These African-American songs hold a special place in the history of folk songs; their influence in the beginning of camp singing and their continued popularity is without equal.

They especially related to the Old Testament Israelites and their Godordained escape from slavery into Egypt and attainment of a Promised Land.But more than a mere pastime, song was widely seen as a means, in many different settings, of uniting people in action and inculcating certain values.So, you have singing at "camp meetings" to channel singers into religious fervor, singing in union halls and picket lines, singing in Sally Ann soup kitchens.Most of all, the songs are easy to sing and remember.We sing folk songs; spirituals; patriotic songs; religious songs; fun, nonsense, novelty, action songs; melodious (rounds, partner songs); popular songs that are "catchy"; songs that we write (or adapt) ourselves.

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