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Here are a few explosive confessions from hi Karan Johar's biography An Unsuitable Boy has been flying off the shelves for KJo's candid confessions.Here are a few explosive confessions from his memoir: Paying for his first sexual experience Karan opened up about the first time he had sex and revealed that he paid for it.If you’ve met online, then don’t not spam them with good morning, good afternooon and good night messages. Karan Johar advises one of the woman callers against meeting her Tinder date in his friend’s empty house and suggests that she meet him for coffee instead to assess the situation.Johar talks about how the Grindr dynamic and the heterosexual dynamic differ in this regard.

For me to look at him in that way or be subjected to those rumours was just ridiculous. He said, ' People talk nonsense, and if a man does not have an extramarital affair, he is supposed to be gay.'" He also revealed that he is embarrassed of the country for its regressive approach towards homosexuality and that he'd never come out of the closet officially thanks to the judiciary of India.But the two fell out after Kareena, who was the first choice for Kal Ho Naa Ho, did not do the film. I told my father, 'Leave that negotiation room' and I called her.Karan wrote, "I offered her Kal Ho Naa Ho, and she asked for the same money that Shah Rukh Khan was getting. She didn't take my call, and I said, 'We're not taking her.'" He added, "Kareena and I didn't speak to each other for almost a year.Karan Johar's biography An Unsuitable Boy has been flying off the shelves for KJo's candid confessions.Controversy's child Karan has not shied away from talking about anything - whether it's his sexual orientation or his fallout with former BFF Kajol.

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There have also been distasteful rumours of his having been in a relationship with frequent collaborator, Shah Rukh Khan.

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