Jane by design 1x14 online dating

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Jane by design 1x14 online dating

srt Jane By Design - 1x07 - The Teen Model.720p HDTV. HDTV.2srt Jane By Design - 1x06 - The Image Issue.720p HDTV. Now that Billy and Lulu have decided to take their relationship public, Billy must tell Jane.Feeling betrayed and lied to, Jane doesn't take the news of the high school's new "It" couple well.Wanting to impress Jeremy and save-the-day, India takes credit for Jane's wedding dress design.But with the design holding special meaning to Jane, she isn't going to let the betrayal go idly by.Can Jane prove that the design is hers, and better yet - will Donovan Decker be able to pull off the perfect wedding dress? Jane is looking forward to the school camping trip as a way to finally get some quality time with Nick.

And has Jane truly lost her one true ally in the social shark tank that is high school? Jane is over-the-moon with anticipation when Gray tells her she will be boarding a flight to Paris the following night to bring her the coveted Donovan Decker Lookbook, which holds all the secrets, inspirations and ideas for the fashion company.

Determined to prove that teenagers are about finding out who they are and not changing just to fit some mold, Jane hits the hallways of her school to prove her point.

But when her classmates are less then helpful, Jane starts to worry that she won't be able to pull the presentation off.

srt Jane By Design - 1x11 - The Replacement.720p HDTV. srt Jane By Design - 1x12 - The Celebrity.720p HDTV.

srt Jane By Design - 1x13 - The Surprise.720p HDTV.

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HDTV.2srt Jane By Design - 1x18 - The Bonus Check.720p HDTV.