Online dating movie on netflix

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Online dating movie on netflix

The milieu is so specific, it has such a pointed sense of time and place, and that goes a long way to acclimatize the viewer into what is, essentially, a fantasy world.

The gangland graffiti on the walls, peeling from age and harsh sunlight; the iconic ‘ghetto doors’, hiding shame and secrecy; the orange street lights, emitting a surreal glow on hardened faces – these are details you’d often spot in a Los Angeles gangster movie, or an episode of Bosch or Southland, but in Bright they perform the duty of grounding the movie into our world, of making the class politics and lore easier to digest.

And this inherent human racism is only heightened by the film’s treatment of the relationship Smith and Edgerton’s characters share.

Jakoby – that’s Edgerton – is the first orc in history to have made it to the LAPD, and much to the displeasure of Ward – that’s Will Smith, positively exploding with charm – they’ve been partnered up.

It’s a deft reversal of roles – black men in movies are typically preyed upon, but here, it’s Ward who’s the racist.

Bright acts as a capper to Ayer’s thematically connected trilogy that began with Training Day and End of Watch – a wildly imaginative, and very timely takedown of the problems that plague modern America – racism, police brutality and corruption.

That isn’t to say Bright isn’t guilty of an information dump or two – there are several lazy scenes, especially early on, that seem to have been designed only to introduce the audience to its world.His movies are like his characters -- heavily tattooed, sinewy and prone to violence.There’s a gold grill glittering in their mouths, heavy bling dangling from their necks, guns bulging from under their baggy jeans. David Ayer makes movies about men in the way that Guy Ritchie makes movies about men.It is in these enclosed spaces – these vehicles of change, if you will – that his characters reveal themselves for what they really are.In Bright – which is a notable film for many reasons, mostly for being Netflix’s biggest original film yet – Ayer returns to the City of Angels to make a movie that is, on the surface, a film that only he could have made - complete with nauseatingly edited action, grand posturing, and quips (so many quips).

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Even though Will Smith and Joel Edgerton’s characters have been partners for some time, some of the drives they take through the streets of LA begin to resemble one of those Hollywood tours.