Tender facebook dating site

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Tender facebook dating site

If my friends have seen these accounts with my face on them, who else has?"I'm already in a relationship, the last thing I'd be doing is looking on a dating site.You can also monitor to what degree you wish others to be able to find you, including via search engines.A useful test is to log out of all of your accounts and then view them using the domain address to check what is actually on public display.Identity theft is nothing new, but it's on the rise.Figures from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) show a 33 per cent increase in reported cases in 2014 alone.“But, it seems that couldn’t be further from the truth.” When it first came on the scene, Tinder was often used for casual sex because it finds potential matches based on their proximity to you. Recent reports suggest that there are 50 million active users on the dating app, who check their accounts 11 times per day. The app pinpoints your location via GPS, and uses your Facebook information to create your profile. If they take your fancy, you can swipe right to 'like' them. If they ve also 'liked' you it’s a match and you can start messaging.

“This is a situation that many women can relate to and it is sadly more common than people may think” says Dr Laura Toogood, managing director at Digitalis, the online reputation and digital intelligence firm.The same protection is not afforded to the victims of imposter online accounts.As a result, critics have said there is little incentive for the technology companies to target fraudsters who are illegally using the identities of its users, because their profits are unaffected.Here, banks are obliged to cover costs incurred as a result of fraud.As a result, they carefully monitor accounts, block cards and contact customers when spending patterns change and they suspect fraudulent use.

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Again, it is important to note that the impersonation originates from Facebook, not Tinder”.

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