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Two day rule dating

Irgun took the action against the railways on September 8, as a protest..Two British soldiers are killed when their truck detonated a kind mine outside Jerusalem.Jamal el Husseini, Palestine Arab leader, declared that the Arab world was unalterably opposed to partition as a solution to the problem. Goldie Meyerson, head of the Jewish Agency's political department.British District Commissioner James Pollock disclosed a plan for military occupation of three sectors of Jerusalem and orders nearly 1,000 Jews to evacuate the Rehavia, Schneler and German quarters by noon, February 6.2659 men and 59 women were detained fo the three day operation in which 27 settlements were searched. Also, two ships have arrived at Haifa with a total of 3,200 illegal Jewish immigrants. The British Government announced that it will allow no more unscheduled immigration into Palestine and that those seeking entry into that country will be sent to Cyprus and other areas under detention.

A fourth, Haim Gorovetzky, received a life sentence because of his youth. A British naval escort brought the "Ben Hecht," the Hebrew Committee of National Liberation's first known immigrant ship, into Haifa, and its 599 passengers were shipped to Cyprus.American Jews cheer Detroit Tigers' Hank Greenberg when he refuses to play ball on Yom Kippur.In 1938, with five games left to the season, Greenberg's 58 home runs are two shy of Babe Ruth's record.Armed Jewish underground members raided two diamond factories in Nathanya and Tel Aviv and escaped with nearly 7,000 in diamonds, monies and bonds.These raids signaled an end to a two-week truce during the World Zionist Congress.

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A leading Arab figure was wounded in a similar mine explosion in Jerusalem and more mines were found near Government House.

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