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The intermixing and structural distortions within the crystal lattice have been quantitatively measured near the interface with a depth resolution of unit cell size.

This first observation of a metallic sheet formation was attributed to a decrease in valence of Ti cations located in the first unit cell of STO.

Charge defects have to be considered, with distinct spatial distributions between the insulating and conducting heterostructures. The same process conditions were used to deposit the films. No misfit dislocations could be detected at LAO/STO interfaces along the entire distance observed via Nion Ultra STEM.

= 3.791 Å using a pseudo cubic description) did not induce strain relaxations via interfacial misfit dislocations as no dislocations could be detected along the foil observed for both samples, as seen on Fig. The left inset in (a) highlights the off-center displacement of Ti near the interface., the critical thickness lies between 3 and 5 u.c.

The black curves represent the best simulation that fitted the experimental spectrum.

One observes that the Ti oxidation state is quite similar between the conductive and insulating samples grown in the same conditions.

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